Ask the expert: How could I get rid of my dog’s chronic ear infections?

Ask the expert: How could I get rid of my dog’s chronic ear infections?
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Q: I am an 81-year-old with a bad back and severe arthritis in my hands. I have a wonderful dog who is the love of my life. She has had chronic ear infections and her vet keeps giving me medication to put into her ears twice a day. It has not gone away and I know it’s my fault as she is a 30-pound dog and I just can’t pick her up and hold her still long enough to get the medication in.

They have given me a different medicine at each doctor visit and I am on the third one! They gave me an ointment this time and told me to put it on my finger and stick my finger in her ear. Well, that worked twice and then she screamed the next time as she zigged when I zagged and now I can’t get near her with the medication. I know her ears hurt and I want to get her better but this just isn’t working. Isn’t there a shot you could give her that would get rid of it?

A: Ear infections are a very common problem in dogs. I understand your frustration; you are not alone in your struggles giving your pet ear medications. Fortunately, there is a new medication called Osurnia that was recently approved by the FDA to treat ear infections. Your veterinarian applies it for you at her office. It is a medication that fills the ear canal and coats it with a gel that is long lasting.

Your veterinarian will clean the ear and dry it before placing the first treatment in the ear. You take your dog back one week later and they fill the ear canals again. They will then schedule an examination two weeks later to determine if any additional treatment is needed. You don’t need to give any medications at home and should not even clean the ears out for 45 days. It works for most common ear infections.

Dr. Susan M. Baker received her degree at the University of Florida in 1985 and practices veterinary medicine in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Post source : The Palm Beach Post

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