This couple designed a home around their dog

This couple designed a home around their dog
Photo Credit To The Washington Post

Not long ago, a collar, a leash, a bowl and possibly an outdoor kennel were what most people had as pet amenities.

Today, there are designer accessories, electronic feeders, automatic pet doors, special showers and tubs, and flat-screen TVs positioned at Fido’s and Fifi’s heights, not to mention the ultimate luxury: a room of their own.

Some builders are making pets a centerpiece of their home designs—and buyers are responding positively.

Even though Blaine Raddon and Stacy Johnstun didn’t have a dog when they first thought about building, they said having a pet was a part of their life vision.

During the months-long process of designing their home with architect Russ Platt, Raddon and Johnstun made accommodating a dog or two—and potentially a very large dog—a priority.

Early on, they decided on a breed—Great Dane—but their puppy, a blue male they named Blu, didn’t come on the scene until they were selecting their finishes, tile and flooring.

Post source : The Washington Post

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